Amelia Baird

Event Production & Project Management

Amelia is espAfrika’s undercover food and wine expert.  With qualifications obtained in Food Service Management, as well as Bartenders, Cocktail and several Cape Wine Academy courses, Amelia is well versed in conceptualising and delivering exceptional events.  Blessed with an abundance of energy, creative flair and eye for detail, this multi-tasker handles all manner of events – from intimate soirees to mega showcases and palatial events.

In her role as project manager at espAfrika, her responsibilities extend to the creation and monitoring of budgets, site recces and venue assessments that prompt the drawing up of site plans from which to plan comprehensive and detailed scopes of work.  Amelia’s negotiating skills are also put to the test, as she adroitly navigates supplier and contractor relationships and their attendant legal paperwork requirements.

While this mother of six-year old twins’ ability to see the big picture is exemplary, it is perhaps her personable nature and proven track record of rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in, leading from the front, that ensures that everyone is on the same page to deliver on the project in hand, that matters most.

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