Anthea Thys

Talent & Logistics Administrator

After spending 10 wonderful years as an invaluable member of espAfrika’s Marketing Department, Anthea recently moved into a new role as our Talent & Logistics Administrator, a position created around the need for an in-house anchor of the Talent department. For espAfrika projects, Anthea handles all talent and logistic administration, with her deep and methodical competency in planning and delivering above expectation. For CTIJF, Anthea manages all logistics and has taken to her new role with her ever-present passion and dedication.

With computer and admin qualifications to back her up, box-ticking and making sure her team get the right information for a smooth navigation through the immense world of event logistics, Anthea has a lot on her plate but manages it with charm and a smile on her face.

Anthea would best be described as: the go to, fix it, make a plan, mother of espAfrika. Often heard humming while going about her duties, she also knows just how to nurture the best out of her teammates and professional partners.

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