Bianca Fernandes


In today’s ‘always on’ society, the need for espAfrika to engage on a multitude of digital platforms, led to the requirement for a social media savvy digital expert, dialled into the now. That person is Bianca Fernandes, who joined the company in 2015.

Since she stepped into the role and first put fingers to mobile and keypad, this qualified journalist, blogger and digital native, has made the ‘like’ ‘share’ and ‘click’ world her own.  An eye for detail, an instinct for what will ‘connect’ with fans and a knack for creating conversations that keep audiences ‘engaged,’ has seen Bianca grow the audience base and shift the Cape Town International Jazz Festival into the digisphere.

Generating and sharing relevant content that builds meaningful connections, is driven through Bianca’s innate love of music, and her understanding of what her many diverse audiences need.  As a former music blogger for a large US-based crowd-sourced music label, Bianca brings a level of energy, edge and professional insight to the communications team.

But, beneath the surface of Bianca’s calm, unperturbed-in-the-face-of-the-fast-lane digital comms-world, beats a heart dedicated to helping animals.  When not behind her computer, out discovering musical talent, or volunteering at numerous animal shelters, she may be seen quietly reading and keeping up to date with the latest trends in social media to keep the CTIJF ahead of the curve.

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