Charmane Creamer

Finance Project Manager

A company that runs several projects, often at the same time, needs Charmane. A stickler for detail and time, Charmane is tasked with keeping each individual project and event that espAfrika is involved with, firmly on its financial track. Coming from a family background of accounting, Charmane is well versed in the world of numbers, having started her own financial career abroad in one of Holland’s’ leading entertainment companies, working on multiple events at a a time. This stood her in good stead to join the team at espAfrika right from when the Cape Town International Jazz Festival was conceived and born.

Now running budgets for several departments and events simultaneously within the fast-paced entertainment industry that espAfrika is geared to, Charmane is an adept juggler with an eye firmly on the ball ensuring that each runs to time and makes a profit. Quiet and though often unassuming, she possesses quick wit, coupled with acres of patience that keep her focused and grounded.

Married with one son, Charmane is also pragmatic about life and work. This can be summed up in how she views the world “It’s how you play the cards that you are dealt with that counts.”

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