China Dyira

New Business Development

China Dyira has a long-standing relationship with espAfrika, and has recently joined the team on a permanent basis after many years of collaboration. Born in Langa, China was drawn to music from a very early age.  Joining a band and touring South Africa, Canada and Europe, during the apartheid era, China’s world was expanded by the opportunities the event management industry had to offer.  In 1998, he was fortunate enough to study stage management through a scholarship he was awarded by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation – and he hasn’t looked back since.

China now runs espAfrika’s New Business Development initiatives and is responsible for the growth and expansion of our company’s profile into new and exciting territories. China also helped fill the gap created by espAfrika’s increasing need for temporary staff, by starting his own recruitment company China Crew in 2006. Fuelled by China’s burning passion for training young people in event management and production, China Crew works closely with espAfrika’s many projects and events under the leadership of China himself. Focused on the unemployed youth from Langa, Khayelitsha and Gugulethu, the partnership facilitates the transfer of vital skills and creates a wide reach of employment opportunities.

China’s philosophy “Each one. Teach One” echoes throughout his life – always willing to put his hand into his own pocket to train one more person, this always smiling, always caring, irrepressible entrepreneur, is truly a job creating champion.

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