Eva Domingo

Operations Manager


Eva Domingo is a force to be reckoned with.  With a background in entertainment logistics learned from her time at Sun City Entertainment working on local performances and major international events, Eva has been part of the espAfrika line-up from the very beginning.  She was responsible for developing the music industry’s first ever hospitality package, which has proved to be a blueprint for other festival organisers around the world.

An extreme planner and organiser (essential in a company that deals with multiple projects at a time), Eva is also a visionary, and believes in cultivating competency in her team, empowering them to take ownership of their respective areas of expertise, while working as a cohesive unit, thereby building capacity in the next generation.

Attention to detail is needed to keep abreast of the events industry, while watching out for sometimes thousands of crew (there are 2700 working on CTIJF alone).

Eva’s Philosophy: Be 100% committed to your work – no matter how menial you may think it is.  Hard work never actually killed anyone but it can deliver exceptional rewards.  Get stuck in.

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