Hadjiera Jabaar

Office Assistant


They say an army marches on its stomach – well espAfrika is no different as it has the good fortune to march on the catering qualities of Hadjiera Jabaar, resident ‘Chief cook and office all-rounder.’
But rarely do they come in the guise of all encompassing warmth, hospitality and care such as can be experienced in the presence of Hadjiera (Hadjie).  Discovered by Billy Domingo (co-founder of espAfrika), some 16 years ago, when he followed the aroma of her efforts down the corridors of one of Cape Town’s more prominent radio stations where she was employed at the time. Hadjie now fulfils the role of assistant to the office manager at espAfrika, relieving the switchboard with polite grace and overseeing the smooth day-to-day functioning of the office as a whole.
espAfrika has been fortunate enough to benefit not only from the best koeksister recipe in the country but her ability to welcome and look after all of espAfrika’s guests and abundant contractors who swell the office during festival time.
Helping keep her fit and on trend, Hadjie loves walking, music and cooking (even in her spare time), and is socially conscious, which comes through in her warm-hearted, yet professional demeanour at every turn.

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