Henlene Barends

Project Manager


Henlene started out as an intern/trainee at espAfrika in 2006, having talked herself into being hired to volunteer on the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Tenacity, creativity and an eloquent and lively ‘gift of the gab,’ are just some the words that best describe her. Mix this with a strong understanding of project management and client liaison complemented with delivery, and Henlene is a valuable asset to the organisation.

As one of the company’s most experienced ‘problem solvers’, she effortlessly goes about overcoming what appears to be insurmountable obstacles at times.

Her working experience spans small birthday parties to large-scale international events, and is the resident authority on event, safety & security and event compliance for the organisation. Henlene embodies the fine balance required between understanding what clients want, interpreting these requirements into instruction for the team to implement meeting clients’ briefs and expectations. Being methodical, Henlene prides herself on limiting the possibility for these to be lost in translation, which has ensured that espAfrika continues to evolve as a leader in the entertainment industry.

Henlene has proven herself as a worthy leader and is part of a team of women forging a path for women in a mostly male-dominated industry and is also confident conversing with people across a large range of topics. It is her keen sense of humour, touched with her inherent humility that wins over the hearts and minds of everyone she meets.

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