Janine Slingers

Sponsorship and Corporate Sales


Event Hospitality is a core offering at espAfrika and has set the company apart from its rivals.   As such, it demands and deserves a professional who has their finger at the core of what guests expect of a first class experience in the 21st century. Janine Slingers is one such individual who has the necessary holistic and strategic events project management abilities, combined with well-honed sales, negotiation and relationship management skills to get the job done and done well. More than a list of qualifications and undoubted skills, Janine has the ‘X’ factor needed to see beyond the paperwork and ‘brief’, to be able to craft bespoke packages and solutions that work for all.

Her key areas of expertise include project management, strategic planning, budget development and cost control, logistics management (including cross-border), procurement, supply chain management, team leadership and development of sustainable relationships with sponsors, events partners, suppliers and corporate clients. These relationships and her jovial nature, is what sets Janine apart, and keeps customers coming back for more.

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