Nadia Ariefdien


Numbers chose Nadia – not the other way around.  espAfrika’s bookkeeper has been stacking up the numbers for over a quarter of a century now, having first entered the teaching profession.  Education not having enough energy for her factually seeking analytical intellect, Nadia enrolled in an accounting course to round out her skills, and immediately fell in love with the profession.  Endowed with a sharp mind but gentle tongue, Nadia has been with espAfrika for just over 5 years, having worked in a contract position, before joining what she considers her ‘work-family’, on a permanent basis in 2016.

Nadia’s life philosophy, “I must be honest with myself first, and my family and live true to my way of life,” plays out in her work environment too, where she exemplifies the mantra of how a tidy desk and a tidy mind are entwined for maximum output.

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