Nikki Segers


Nikki joined espAfrika over 12 years ago as a temporary receptionist. But with her book-keeping qualifications and innate ability to be calmly relied upon, Nikki soon became indispensible to the rapidly expanding company. Today she is the mainstay of the accounts department where her polite diplomacy and genuine love of numbers translates into a well-organised, smooth flowing department that has endeared itself to staff, stakeholders, debtors and creditors alike.

Nikki has a special relationship with figures, having always been fascinated by them. In her own words, she loves numbers “thoroughly” – they talk to her and its even better when they don’t talk back. This means she is pedantic, professional and adept at ensuring everything reconciles and that all parties receive their due. Known to burn the midnight oil post festival, she does not rest until all is concluded to her satisfaction. In short, Nikki reigns over a seldom seen domain but one that keeps the organisation functioning at its optimum.

When not ensconced before her books, she can be found cooking, listening to music – jazz of course, or indulging her sense of humour and celebrating life with her family.

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