Rashieda Ismail-Davids

Office Manager


If you need anything or want to know something – no matter what – there is always one member within every organisation that is the go to person. At espAfrika, that person is Rashieda.

Having been at espAfrika for 11 years, there isn’t much she doesn’t know about the inner workings of the organisation.   From starting out as a receptionist in 2004, she quickly made her presence known, progressing easily to her current role of Office Manager, Executive Secretary to the Directors and come Festival time, the person responsible for overseeing the hospitality and accommodation needs of all visiting artists. Being entrusted with this duty has come about largely due to her resourcefulness combined with a sincere caring nature. The daily activities of this busy office are handled with ease and on time. Just as an army marches on its stomach, an organisation rooted in the world of daytime and 24-hour events, requires sustenance to keep it going. Rashieda, assisted by Hadjiera and James, makes certain that the fuel, energy and logistical support are there – at all times.

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