Sooren Ramdenee

Chief Financial Officer

The buck stops here – espAfrika’s moneyman is the right person to keep the company commercially successful and growing towards even greater heights. A fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (UK), Sooren has many years of international and local finance experience gained across a variety of industries and blue-chip companies. His exposure to large multi-national corporates has honed his big picture thinking skills and as a result, espAfrika is benefiting from a fresh perspective and approach to its strategic growth path.

Discreet and quietly unobtrusive yet with a razor sharp mind focused on developing human capital, as much as ensuring the organisation is financially sound and compliant, Sooren cuts to the chase, spotting hyperbole from a mile away. He also has a successful track record in negotiating at high level with different sectors. These include the likes of government, and banks where he has been adept at raising and securing monies to expand operations. While primarily a numbers man, Sooren is also systems driven and ably applies his skills to developing workflow processes that ensure staff satisfaction which in turn leads to increased and sustained productivity.

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