Thandekile Majeke


Born in East London, Thandekile moved to Cape Town in 2008 to study Hospitality Management. After falling in love with the Mother City during her studies, she decided to stay in Cape Town and found herself a job at an exhibition and events agency, where she cut her teeth in marketing and event production. Thandekile found herself drawn to the marketing side of events and followed her passion to espAfrika where she now fills the indispensable role of Marketing Assistant, with a focus on Admin, Branding and Budgets. She is also currently working toward a degree in Business Management part time.

With CTIJF 2018 under her belt, and a number of other espAfrika events, Thandekile looks forward to many more years at the company. In her spare time, Thandekile likes to give back to her community by volunteering and producing small-scale events and courses to uplift and inspire young South Africans. Her dream is to build her own school where students can learn all the skills necessary for a successful and well-rounded life.

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